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The Masters Preparatory Academy

A Uniquely Different Private School Experience

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The Masters Preparatory Academy is a place:

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To believe-

To have faith in ourselves and our brothers

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To belong-

To experience a collective community and family

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To become-

To grow, stretch, and reach our potential

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We Passionately Believe:


In the uniqueness of each student and we will endeavor to maximize and develop the potential of each student.


That through problem based learning, inquiry learning, and varied instructional experiences; we can develop the scholars of today and the leaders of tomorrow.


That each student will learn in our safe and secure environment.


Our organizational habitus will generate opportunities for students to think deeply and share and demonstrate their learning in many ways.


In establishing a culture of teaching in which our entire staff is committed to individual, personal, and professional development.


In connecting learning to real life applications of knowledge and skills to help students link their education to the future and to community, state, and national standards.



Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,
But we are responsible for who we become.


Uncommon accomplishments
Uncommon Commitment


If we change the way we think,
Then we will change the way we act.


Leave places better than we find them
Lead from wherever we are
Live a life that matters
Love something greater than ourselves

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